I'm Dr. Alison Mitchell, creator of Renewed Hair Co. Our story began in 2012 when I began battling intense hair shedding due to a hormonal imbalance. I was young, used to a full head of hair and newly natural. At every wash day, my hair began to shed clumps of long strands without notice. I tried masks, protein treatments, low manipulation styles, teas, rinses, supplements, sprays,  medications and more to help my hair loss stop. This process went on for several years before the shedding got to an acceptable amount. The improvement of the attempted interventions, were minimal at best. My hair still hadn't quite "bounced back".

Through this hair shedding process, I picked up some good techniques to minimize my hair loss. I became very gentle with my hair and began using products that were free of harsh chemicals, parabens, mineral oils, or phthalates. In 2017, just prior to pregnancy, research drew me to incorporate Ayurvedic herbs and essentials oils into my hair routine. After reading many clinical trials, multiple recipes, prayer and God given instruction regarding the ingredients, the Renewing Hair Elixir was created. It was at that moment I told God that if it works for me, I would share with others.

I knew that a common side effect of pregnancy was hair loss around 3-4 months postpartum. Most women deal with postpartum hair loss and balding for a year before their hair returns to "normal" or it never get there. A year is a loooong time to lose hair. It was my mission to create the perfect oil that would speak to and stop hair loss right in it's tracks, incase it happened to me. Sure enough around postpartum month 4, my hair started to increase in shedding but even more so balding edges emerged in the blink of an eye!

Immediately, I began using my Renewing Hair Elixir on my balding edges and throughout my hair as outlined in the Treatment Guides. Within 1 month of intense rehab, the shedding ceased and my edges filled in beautifully. This is when the hair I once possessed in my youth began to re-emerge. It was my hair, but Renewed, Revitalized, and Restored. This is how the Renewing Hair Elixir started, but it has  proved to be transformative across all hair types and hair challenging areas. I know how distressing hair in dismay can be and am so thankful to be able to help others with this gift in a bottle.


With love,

Alison Mitchell, MD